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How Do I…

• Plan a Baptism
• Plan a Marriage
• Plan a M
emorial Service
• Become a Member

These things are all a part of life here at Redeemer. Please contact us any time with any questions or concerns that you may have.


Becoming a Member

We are honored that you are considering membership at Redeemer Lutheran Church. Our promise is that we will accept you wherever you are in your faith walk. In following God’s plan for us as Christians, we will encourage you to grow in your faith through regular worship, study of God’s Word, stewardship, serving others and spreading the Word. We want you to get involved, but more importantly, we want you to feel connected!

There are many ways to let us know of your interest in membership at Redeemer. Here are some places to start:

Drop us a note with your offering.

Fill out a Connect form in the pews.

Call the church office

Email your interest to the church office

The process of becoming a member at Redeemer varies for each individual

If you are a current member of an LCMS congregation, you can request a letter of transfer from your home congregation to Redeemer.

If you are from a different Lutheran denomination, you will need to attend a few sessions with the pastor where he points out the differences between the LCMS and other Lutheran denominations.

If you come from a different religious background, you will need instruction in the Lutheran faith. These sessions can be one on one, or if we have enough individuals requesting membership, a group class can be arranged.

Submit a Prayer Request

Prayer is one way we can bring our requests to God, both as individuals and as a group. Redeemer Lutheran Church offers an online prayer request option. Simply fill out your request below and we will add it to our prayer chain.